Past Posts

Not So Smooth Seas

Easter Is Not Cancelled. Jesus Is Still Alive.


The Time Is NOW

What Can We Do At A Time Like This

Stocks & Socks

Good Looking Trash

Special Announcement

Hurts So Good

Swimming Against the Current

Built To Last

Counting the Cost

Pass The Ball

Trouble In Paradise

Why I Stopped Blogging And Why I’m Now Back

Pain: An Excuse To Sin?


Don’t Forget To Remember

Thinking of Others

“Highly Subjective”

While I Was Reading

Too Old For Church??

Too Young For Chruch?

I Make The Pancakes

Use Every Moment

New Year, Old Words

9 Qualities To Stuff In Your Stocking

Well Done.

My Lighthouse

Believing The Bible

Escaping Escapism

Political Mess

The Trees Are Singing!

Continuity Errors

When You Bump Your Head

Pride Comes Before The Card Game

Warning. Warning. Warning.


The Long Journey to the Pie

Say What?

And Then There Were Monkeys

Back To School: 4 Reminders to Put in Your Backpack

Good Pitching, Boring Game


The Lion, The T-Rex, and The Movie Theater

120 Over 80

Not My Name



We Pray

Beyond The Walls

The Problem of Evil

Dear Mom, (Six Letters Everyone Should Read)

I Ate All the Blueberries

The Importance of Dads

The Way Life Should Be

God is Good.

Allergy Season at its Best

Airport Coffee

Spring Snow

Life and Basketball

St. Patrick’s Day: You’re Doing It Wrong

The Community Standard

Your “Insignificance” Matters

Transforming Society

Love Love Love

The Wait of it All

What’s In A Name?

All My Hope

MLK Jr. & Light in the Midst of Darkness

When You Just “Can’t Even”

Own Worst Enemy

Adoption: Doctrine & Practice

Even on the Cloudy Days

Celebrate Light

All of Creation.

The Consumed Consumer.

In the Midst of Mourning

Jesus in the Old Testament


A Lesson From Notre Dame

The Overlooked Testament

Faith & Prayer

Why Theology Matters

Are you a disciple?

The Best News

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