Are you a disciple?

“Being a disciple of Jesus is about so much more than just simply living morally.”

Are you a disciple of Jesus?

A true disciple of Jesus Christ is a person who knows God, loves God, obeys God, and equips others to know, love, and obey God as well. Knowledge of God leads a person to love God, a love for God will spur on a believer to obey God, and obedience to God includes sharing the truth of the Gospel. A true disciple is one who becomes (talks, acts, and thinks) more like Jesus each and every day, (Romans 12:2 & 1 John 2:6) brings glory to God in all that is done and understood, (1 Corinthians 10:31 & Colossians 3:23) and makes other disciples. (Matthew 28:16-20) It is of the utmost importance that believers today keep Jesus Christ central in their understanding of discipleship.

A discipleship without the centrality of Christ is no discipleship at all, instead, it becomes nothing more than a list of how to live morally. Being a disciple of Jesus is about so much more than just simply living morally.

There is an old hymn called “Trust and Obey” and it tells of the benefits of trusting and obeying the Lord. It is interesting that the song is not just called “Trust” but rather “Trust and Obey” emphasizing the idea that true disciples need to not only have faith but also display that faith in action by obedience. Followers of Jesus need to understand that a core part of being a disciple of Jesus is obedience to Him.

Jesus Himself says in John 14:15, “if you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Obedience is not optional for those who love Jesus. Saying, “I love and follow Jesus, but I just choose not to obey Him” might seem like a funny and strange thing to say. However, that is exactly what we say without actions every time that we choose to sin. The unfortunate truth is that many who claim to be followers of Jesus never fully submit to Him (obey Him) in every area of their life, the results are anemic “Christians” who are ineffective for the kingdom.

I pray that is not me. I pray that is not you. I pray that we are, and are becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ who trust Him and obey Him in every area of our lives. When we do that we will impact this world in ways we never imagined were possible.

Till next time,